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Bhandup is a suburb of Mumbai It is also the name of a railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railways on the Central Railway(main line).
Like most suburbs in Mumbai, Bhandup has two sub-regions, Bhandup (west) and Bhandup (east), so named for their location relative to the dividing railway line. The more developed Bhandup (west) is characterized as an industrial suburb while the upcoming Bhandup (east) is considered to be more residential.
Bhandup is also home to Shivaji Talao, or Shivaji Lake, which apparently has some connection to the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji. Currently in a bad state, the pond witnesses hordes of Ganapati(Hindu deity) devotees immersing idols in the month of september.
Before real-estate prospered 40 years ago, Bhandup was a dense forest area, which was home to many thieves and criminals. Rival gangs were at constant war to gain an upperhand in the extortion rackets. However, strict police action in Mumbai saw these gangs moving to international destinations.
Bhandup has Asia's biggest water filtration plant near sonapur.

A few fast trains stop at Bhandup station, mostly during the peak hours. Bhandup is extremely well connected with the rest of the city through a dense road network. The arterial road of Bhandup West is the Agra Road i.e. L.B.S. Marg, while Bhandup East is flanked by the Eastern Express highwayBhandup (East) is relatively sparsely populated.
The earliest records for Bhandup come from 1803, and show that the erstwhile Bhandup estate comprised of Bhandup, Nahur and Kanjurrmarg. The following is an excerpt from the Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency.
Bhandup, in Salsette, four miles (6 km) South-west of Thana, with, in 1881, a population of 884 souls, has a railway station and a post-office. the railway traffic returns show an increase in passengers from 29,988 in 1873 to 51,664 in 1880 and in goods from 126 to 143 tons. It is the nearest railway station, about four miles (6 km), to Tulsi Lake. The Kanheri caves lie 2 miles (3.2 km) beyond Tulsi, but the road from Borivali station on the Baroda railway though not so pretty is shorter and easier.
In 1803, on payment of a quit-rent, the East India Company granted the major part of Bhandup and parts of two other villages to Mr. Luke Ashburner, alderman( An alderman is a member of a municipal assembly or council in many jurisdictions)of Bombay and editor of the Bombay Courier( Rustomji Kashaspathi, a Parsi, started Bombay Courier in 1777 which was Bombay's first English newspaper). In 1817, Mr. Ashburner sold the estate, together with the contract for supplying the government rum, to his manager Mr. Kavasji Mankeji Ashburner for a sum of £50,000 (Rs. 5,00,000). In 1832, machinery was brought from England to work the distillery, and in that year, about 100000 gallons of rum are said to have been supplied to the government. Mr. Bell, in his excise report dated 1st October, 1869 wrote: "The Bhandup distillery was started to supply European troops with rum. Besides to the troops, considerable quantities of rum found its way to Bombay." In 1857, the government stopped the rum contract and the distillery ceased to prosper and shut down in 1878. It was re-opened in 1879-80 but has again been closed.
A copper-plate found near Bhandup, about 1835, records the grant by Chhitarajadev Silhara in AD 1026 of a field in the village of Nour, the modern Naura, two miles (3 km) north of Bhandup. Other villages mentioned in the grant are Gomvanni, probably the modern Govhan, and Gorapavalli, perhaps an old name of Bhandup. The boundary of the field to the north and east was a main road, or rajapatha, which apparently ran from Thana much along the line of the present Bombay-Thana road.
It is largely a matter of conjecture who the Silharas were, but their names suggest a mixture of people from Dravidian ancestry(ancestors from South India and North-Eastern Sri Lanka) and the Kayastha Prabhus from Konkan. The Silaharas promoted the socio-economic progress in the 11th century around Bombay. To control the regions in Bombay and Thane, they built the Rajapatha passing from the north of Bhandup following the current Mumbai-Thane road.
Bhandup was also one of the first railway stations in India. The first train ran between Bori Bunder and Thane on 16th April, 1853 with 400 passengers aboard 14 railway carriages, at 3:35 pm. It is said that the idea to connect Bombay with Thane and Kalyan occurred to Mr. George Clark, the Chief Engineer of the Bombay Government, on a visit to Bhandup in 1843.
However, Bhandup was not a part of Bombay until 1950, when the boundaries of the Bombay municipal corporation were extended upto Andheri on the western side and Bhandup on the eastern side.
Although a large percentage of the residents are natives of Maharashtra, in the last few decades, there has been a huge influx of non-native residents into Bhandup, resounding the trend witnessed for Mumbai as a whole.
According to the 2001 census, the number of industrial establishments in Bhandup (S-Ward) were 12380, cumulatively providing employment to 36921 residents of Bhandup. The rest of the employed populace are employed outside the limits of the S-ward.
One of the first industries to start in this area was Crompton Greaves in 1937, currently in Kanjur Marg. Currently, almost all of the industries in Bhandup are in Bhandup West. Some of them include CEAT Tyres, Asian Paints Limited, BASF, The Indian Smelting And Refining Company Limited etc. Apart from these big companies, there are several small-scale manufacturing units all over Bhandup West.
The presence of a large number of industries, coupled with large traffic flows all throughout the day had led to Bhandup's air being one of the worst in Mumbai a few years ago. However, several of the polluting industries have moved out of Mumbai in the past few years, leading to the air quality being slightly better.
Indian Education Society Bhandup (E)
Adarsha Vidyalaya (English & Kannada medium) Nardas Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Adarsh Vidyalaya, Datar Damle Colony, Bhandup(E)
Ahilya Vidyalaya, Jamil Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Amar kaur, Bhandup(W)
Bhandup Education Societies English High School (B.E.S)
Bhandup People Education Society English High School (B.P.E.S)
Bhandup Night High School, Village Road, Bhandup(W)
Br. Nath Pai Vidyalaya, Nardas Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Bright High School (BHS), Bhandup(W)
Cosmos High School, qyarry road, Bhandup(W)
D.A.V. High School, Bhandup(E)
Gaytree Vidya Mandir (Hindi and Marathi medium), Tulshet Pada, Bhandup(W)
Girish Swami High School, Bhandup(W)
Guru Nanak English High School, Bhandup(W)
I.E.S. High School, Bhandup(E)
Ideal Hindi High School, Sonapur, Bhandup(W)
Jijamata Vidyamandir, (Maharashtra Nagar), Bhandup(W)
K Menon High School, Bhandup(E)
Kumari Kasturi Vidyalaya, Village Road, Bhandup(W)
Mohammadi Urdu High School, Sonapur Bhandup(W)
National Education Society's High School (NESHS), Bhandup(W)
Navjeevan Vidyamandir, Tembipada, Bhandup(W)
New English High School, Maharashtra Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Oxford High School, Tank Road, Bhandup(W)
Parag Vidyalaya, (Near-Shivaji Talao)
Pawar Charitable Trust's Pawar Public School, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup(W)
Sahyadri Vidya Mandir (Near-Shivaji Talao), Bhandup(W)
Saraswati Vidyalaya, Bhandup(W)
S.P.S.Janata High School, Shivaji Talao, Bhandup(W)
St. Francis Xavier's High School, Bhandup(E)
St.Xavier High School & Junior College, Bhandup(W)
Tank Road Municipal High School, Bhandup(W)
I.D.U.B.S. Hindi High School, Bhandup (W)
Uttari Bharat Sabha English High School, Bhandup(W)
Yeshvat Chandji Sawant Vidyalay Utkarsh Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Smt. R.S.Singh Vidya Mandir, Sarvodaya Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Yashwant Chandji Vidyamandir, Nardas Nagar, Bhandup (W)
Bhandup has three major accredited colleges, out of which two are in Bhandup (East) and one in Bhandup (West). All of them are affiliated to the University of Mumbai.
National Education Society's Ratnam College of Arts, Science & Commerce
Bhattipada, Bhandup (West)
Kindergarten to Postgraduate
V. K. Krishna Menon College of Commerce and Economics & Science
Bhandup (East)
Kindergarten to Bachelors
Ramanand Arya D. A. V. College, Station Road
Datar Colony, Bhandup (East)
Junior college to Bachelors
Junior colleges in both Bhandup East and West
Ashish Jr. Night College, Ishwar Nagar, Bhandup(W)
Bright College, Village Road, Bhandup(W)
Br. Nath Pai Jr. College of Commerce, Bhandup(W)
Guru Nanak College, Station Road, Bhandup(W)
I.D.B.U.S. College, Station Road, Bhandup(W)
Kumari Kasturi College, Village Road, Bhandup(W)
Navjeevan Jr. College, T P Road, Bhandup(W)
N.E.S. Junior College, Bhattipada Road, Bhandup(W)
Parag College, Shivaji Talav, Bhandup(W)
Smt. RS Singh Vidya Mandir, Bhandup (W)
St. Xavier's Junior college, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup(W)
Yashwant Chandji Sawant Vidyalay & Junior college, Utkarsh Nagar, Bhandup (w)
Navjeevan Polytechnic, Tembipada, Bhandup(W)
Saraswati Vidyamandir, Nardas Nagar, Tembipada, Bhandup(W)
Parag Physiotherapy College, Shivaji Talao, Bhandup(W)
Shopping Malls
In the past few years, several industries in Bhandup have shifted or started shifting out of Mumbai, rendering vast tracts of land vacant. These land-plots are being used for construction of huge residential complexes, in turn, providing the customer base for these malls.
The Dreams Mall, being developed by Satra Properties, is one of the biggest malls to come up in Bhandup. It is located in close proximity to Bhandup Railway Station. It has a frontage of approximately 1,400 square feet (130 m2) on LBS Marg. The estimated built up area for the entire project is approximately 1,110,000 square feet (103,000 m2) and is estimated to have a plinth area of approximately 250,000 square feet (23,000 m2). The project involves construction of a retail mall with multiplex, food court, amusement park and parking space for 650 cars at the basement level.
Magnet mall, a 1.75 lakh square feet shopping mall, is part of a 22 acre satellite township, Living Point, comprising of 6 towers of 22-stories each being developed by Neptune group. Mall tenants will include a 60,000 square feet (5,600 m2) lifestyle store, Piramyd and a 10-screen Movietime multiplex. The mall is owned by one of the world's largest retail chains - Metro Cash and Carry.
Some of the other malls in the area include the Leo Mall and a shopping space being developed by HBS Centrix.
Paranjape Garden, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E)
Madhuban Garden, near Police Station, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup(W)
Places of worship
• Jama Masjid Near Shivaji Talao Bhandup(w) • Jama Masjid Near Pathan Colony Bhandup(w) • Jama Masjid Near Sonapur Bhandup(w) • Jama Masjid Near Gaon Devi Bhandup(w)
• St Stephen’s Tamil Church Milind Nagar Bhandup(W) • St Anthony’s Church Tempipada Bhandup(W) • St. Xavier’s School (Services held regularly in school hall)
• Bhandupeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Station Road, Bhandup(W) • Bala Ganesher Aalayam, Hanuman nagar, Bhandup(W) • Pach Mandir, shivaji nagar, Bhandup(W) • Ganesh Mandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup(w) • Shree Saibaba mandir, Ganesh Nagar, Bhandup(W) • Maruti Mandir, lake road Bhandup(w) • Shree Ram Mandir, gamdevi road Bhandup(w) • Santoshi Mata mandir, village road Bhandup(w) • Kaali Mata Mandir, jangal mangal road Bhandup(w)
Shiv Mandir Tanaji Wadi Tp road • Saibaba Mandir, station road Bhandup(w) • Shree Ganpati Mandir, jangal mangal road Bhandup(w) • Ganpati Mandir, Police chowki, Bhandup (w) • Sai Baba Mandir,N.E.S road, Bhandup(w) • Ganesh Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E) • Hanuman Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E) • Kashi Vishweshwar, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E) • Dutta Mandir, Datar Colony, Bhandup(E) • Chamunda devi Mandir, Chamunda nagar, Bhandup(E) . Hanuman Mandir, Hanuman Tekdi, Bhandup (W)
Hanuman Mandir, Lake Road ,Bhandup (W)
Tirupati Balaji Mandir,Swami Chawl Shivaji nagar,Bhandup (W)Added by Girish Swami.
• Jain mandir, near police station Bhandup(w) • Jain mandir, ishwar nagar station road Bhandup(w) • Jain mandir, kukreja complex Bhandup(w) • Jain mandir, village road Bhandup(w)
Gurudwara, L.B.S. Marg Bhandup(w) • Gurudwara Patra Chawl ,village road Bhandup(w)

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